Your movements are as swift as the breeze that blows through the trees and along the water of this earth,


Waving as tensions increase

Through your mind and muscles

Sending signals in various shocks to the river systems of your body.

I watch as they slowly die back down,

Easeing to a low ripple after a storm.

Let it pull you this way and that.

I stare at the moon and dream of you, as tears swell in the corners of my eyes, flowing streams of clear cold water.


The terror I would cause,

A forecast filled with heavy clouds

ready to send the acid rain to cleanse the mess we’ve made.

Iced over

A trick my body endures.

Let it pull you this way and that.

Broken feelings, amended by alcohol ingested in an attempt to prevent the tears from turning blood red.


Purify the mess by a presence

The river runs clear as you arrive

And I plead for an added normalcy as band aids for a solution.

And your memory provides solace

traveled to by rivers.

Let it pull us this way and that.

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