About me

Hey! I’m Gail and welcome to my blog. I guess I should tell you a little about myself so here goes…

I recently move to Nashville, Tennessee from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts to go to Lipscomb University to study songwriting and as I explored this amazing city I became inspired in ways I couldn’t imagine.

I was raised to be an artist. I have very early childhood memories of sitting in my grandmother’s sewing room sewing little dolls on her machine, wandering around my mother’s scrapbook studio making what I thought at the time were beautiful mixed media masterpieces, and I even remember my father’s many lectures on the beautiful lyrics and sounds of bands that he listened to as a child.

I was always that annoying kid that would be a know it all in Art class, volunteer to perform first in theater class and try out for every solo in my elementary, middle school and high school choirs. I know, annoying right?

Now here I am. 19 years old and still that same eager to be artsy kid… and that’s what this is. A blog of my thoughts, projects, ideas, and adventures. A blog for anyone, about anything. I hope you enjoy

I hope you enjoy